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Achieving your goals isn't a matter of "if", but "when

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Who we are and why we work


 Taz Dunstan is the CEO and head trainer of XL Personal Training. Taz has over 17 years in the fitness industry and as well as being a highly qualified and diverse trainer, she is also a competitive athlete, mountaineer, rock climber, scuba diver as well as a devoted mum so she understands the challenges life throws at people and has worked out a system that she customises to ensure all of her clients achieve their goals. "I pride myself on my ability to overcome challenges and love sharing this ability with my clients." Taz is a skilled goal setter and is passionate about motivating and inspiring her  XLPT fitfam to challenge themselves to be their best. "When you take me on as your trainer, we become a team and your goals become our goals, so we work together to get them done! For me, succeeding is not a matter of "if" but when. You have to work with someone who you trust to empower you to establish sustainable lifestyle changes that get you where you want to be while enjoying the journey.” 

 We pride ourselves on our professionalism and are very transparent about our experience and qualifications, as seen listed in our Fitness Australia listing:

To be a champion you have to train like a champion


For us "winning" is more than  a place on a podium. At XL Personal Training we specialise in mind mapping and complete development across the board to ensure all of our xlpt fit fam are mentally and emotionally strong while achieving their physical best. We lead from the front and compete and prep clean for optimal health and wellbeing

Awards include:

2018 ICN 45 day transformation champion VIC

2018 ICN champion transformation trainer awards for 30 day, 45 day and up to 2 years.

2018 ICN 60 day transformation champion QLD 

2018 ICN WORLDS Angels 4th place

Angels 4 Angels design

2017 Active Achievers winners NT

2017 community Achievers winners NT

2017 ICN rising star Angels champion Angels. VIC 


Your health and happiness is your wealth


We all enjoy physically and mentally challenging ourselves, for this reason we have invested in learning several specialties so that our training style can be as varied as our clients. We guarantee that NO TWO TRAINING SESSIONS WILL EVER BE THE SAME! A particular passion which we excel in is mountaineering and trekking. Our experience and accomplishments include:

2018: Mt Acconcagua, Argentina

2017 Mt Washington, USA

2017 trad & rescue climbing course, Arapilies VIC 

2016 Kokoda Track (6 days)

2016 Mt Kozzie, Australia

2015 Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (in 4 days)

 In addition to that we also advocate having a cause greater than ourselves. We are proud to support:

Movember Foundation

NBCF- Angels 4 Angels

White Ribbon Australia

Making Memories

An overview of Taz and her positive energy and outlook.

Word on the street is there is no elevator to success: looks like we’re taking the stairs! πŸ’ͺπŸ˜‰πŸ™ŒπŸ»


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Lets do this!

If  you have been waiting for something to change for you to get started. . . MAKE THIS IT! Reset has been designed by Taz specifically to "unslump" anyone getting back into a healthy routine. Available globally and recognised by several clients as "quality fitness literature" The best investment you will make is YOU! 

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